Angled Vs. Straight Nail Guns

Choosing an angled or a straight nail gun is mainly about your own preferences when working. You may like to have both on hand for different projects, but an angled nail gun does have one significant advantage over a straight nail gun.


Both framing and finish nail guns are available in angled and straight styles. You can buy angled and straight nail guns in electric corded, cordless and pneumatic types.

Primary Advantage

The primary advantage of an angled nail gun is that it reaches into tighter spaces, giving you more leverage when working. It is easier to use than a straight nail gun when nailing into corners. When nailing at an angle, you don't have to turn the gun sideways.


Because of the extended nose, most angled nail guns are longer and heavier than a straight nailer, which can make them more cumbersome to use.


Most angled finish nail guns shoot a longer nail with a heavier gauge (15-gauge) as opposed to the straight nail guns at 16-gauge. Heavier-gauge nails cannot be used on certain types of trim, and they also are more expensive.


Both angled and straight nail guns require the use of safety glasses for eye protection. Many nail guns include a pair of these glasses.