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How to Clear a Jam on a Campbell Hausfeld Air Nailer

Chris Baylor

Although every air nailer manufacturer tries to reduce jams, they are bound to happen. Some nail jams are caused when the nail becomes impeded when it is being driven. Other jams can be caused by a misaligned nail in a magazine or when the nailer tries to drive two nails at once.

Air nailers can be used for framing.

To make removing jammed nails quick and easy, Campbell Hausfeld has added an easy-to-open nose to its pneumatic air nailers.

  1. Remove the air hose at the coupler on the back of the air nailer.

  2. Slide back the push lever on the left side of the nail magazine until it locks open, and remove the remaining clips of nails from the magazine.

  3. Open the nose of the nailer by pulling the handle, located just beneath the front of the cylinder, forward to loosen the nose. Lift the nose out of the way.

  4. Remove any bent or jammed nails from the nailer. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers if necessary.

  5. Lock the nose closed by pushing the nose to the tip of the nailer and closing the handle against the base of the cylinder.

  6. Replace the nail clips in the magazine, and reconnect the air hose to the nailer.

  7. Fire a couple of test shots. If the nailer still won't fire, repeat the steps.

  8. Warning

    When working with power tools, always wear appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses.