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How to Troubleshoot Dewalt Air Guns

Patrick Nelson

DeWalt air guns are lightweight, easily maneuverable tools. They have tool-free adjustments which help in finding the best depth setting. Consistent nail feed is provided by using a pneumatic bias feed piston which minimizes skipping and jamming. A jam cleaning nose door is integrated into the devices.

Thoughtful details include replaceable anti-skid pads, so when you put the tool down it won’t slide off the roof. Troubleshooting is simple.

  1. Check the trigger lock-off switch if the air gun won’t actuate. The switch needs to be in the center for the gun to operate. Don’t forget to always lock the switch to the right to prevent the gun operating by mistake.

  2. Check the air supply from the compressor if your results are mixed. The air pressure mustn’t exceed recommended operating limits which will be between 70 and 120 pounds per square inch.

  3. Check for leaks around valves and gaskets if the gun isn’t working right. You’ll hear the leak. Don’t use the tool if you detect a leak. Keep the tool pointed in a safe direction while you are investigating leaks.

  4. Make sure you haven’t deformed the coil of nails if the nail guide door doesn’t close properly or the nails don’t feed consistently. If necessary, replace or reform the coil.

  5. Rotate the depth setting wheel to the right if the nail isn’t shallow enough. Rotate it to the left if the nail isn’t being driven deep enough.

  6. Point the tool away from you if a nail gets jammed. Disconnect the air supply, open the canister door, open the nail guide door and remove any jammed nails. Bend the coil back to its original shape if it has become deformed.