How to Repair Broken Granite

Constance Barker

Granite is a durable and beautiful stone. Granite countertops are common in new or refurbished kitchens. Unfortunately, chips can break from corners and edges. The granite should be repaired quickly to avoid worsening the damage.

You might want to call a professional for a major repair, but you can fix small problems yourself.

  1. Clean the broken piece and the broken edge with a mixture of 1 cup ammonia to one gallon of water. Be sure to get all dust particles and residue off the broken edges. Allow to dry.

  2. Apply epoxy adhesive to the sides of the broken pieces that you will secure together. Use an epoxy that closely resembles your granite color. Do not allow adhesive to spread onto other parts of the granite.

  3. Fit the broken piece of granite back into its proper place so that all visible broken areas are secured.

  4. Hold tightly for several minutes, following the adhesive manufacturer's guidelines. Leave the granite to set for 24 hours.

  5. Clean the area with a wet cloth or other products recommended by your granite manufacturer.

  6. Tip

    Use a colored wax to fill in the crack if the pieces do not fit together perfectly. Match the wax to your granite color.