What Is a Natural Way to Keep Spiders Out of My House?

Spiders are scary to look at, and can be dangerous. There are more than 35,000 species of named spiders worldwide, and it is no wonder that many people quickly reach for the pesticide when they spot one in their house. Pesticides, however, can be a danger to pets, so natural remedies are a better choice.

And sometimes, the best remedy is prevention.

Clean Up the Mess

Work to clean up clutter inside the house and around the outside of the house. Spiders like dark places where they can hide. Remove piles of leaves, stacks of wood and anything else that you have sitting around the outside of the house. Once the outside is cleaned, it is time to focus on the inside of the house. Thoroughly clean the closets, under the beds and the entire basement in order to rid the house of any existing spider webs and nests. If there are other insects in the house, make sure that those are dealt with as well, as those bugs are the food sources that the spiders are coming in for.

Focus On the Exterior

Use a 1/2 ammonia, 1/2 water solution to wipe around the exterior of your doors and windows. Spiders will not like the smell and will go somewhere else. You can also use some essential oils in a bottle and spray around the exterior of the house. Oils such as citronella, rose oil, lavender oil and citrus oil are effective. Sprinkling bay leaves around the outside of the house may also help keep the spiders out.

Look for cracks and holes that the spiders may be using as access to the inside of your house. After all, if you have spiders inside, they have to have a way to get in. Find their entrance points and seal them. Use caulk or cement to fill in the cracks. Even the smallest pin hole is big enough for a spider to fit through, so make sure to look extremely closely for entrance points. You might not find them all, but you can certainly plug a lot of them.

More Bugs

Order ladybugs and drop them off in your yard. Make sure that you walk around the perimeter of your home, leaving a trail of ladybugs as you go. Ladybugs will not kill the spiders, but they will help to take care of the bug population that spiders are coming near your house to prey upon. If the food supply of the spider is taken out, the spiders will go elsewhere.