How to Kill Ants With WD-40

Robert Preston

Few home woes are more frustrating, and often unsettling, as an influx of ants. Whether the ants are damaging the wood of your house, or simply feeding off scraps outside, once an ant problem is discovered, getting rid of it as soon as possible often becomes one’s top priority.

One ant remedy, which would not likely be the first idea tried, is the application of WD-40, which kills the ants as well as forms a barrier that they are opposed to crossing over in the future.


Be sure that you are not spraying the WD-40 in an area where it can cause damage. WD-40 is best used as an outdoor remedy, or on the floor of a basement that you do not mind potentially staining.

  1. Use a direct application of WD-40 on any live ants you find. The agent will kill the ants almost immediately in most cases.

  2. Search for any ant trails, notable by the presence of several ants traveling in each direction. Spray WD-40 along the trail to kill any active ants.

  3. Follow the trail to both ends. The trail will often connect the ant colony to areas in which the ants are accessing your house, or areas where they are getting food.

  4. Spray the colony with a large dose of WD-40. Aim the spray around the entire surface, as well as down the opening in the top of the hill. A thorough application will allow the WD-40 to soak down into the colony and kill the ants within.

  5. Spray any areas where ants are feeding or accessing your house with WD-40. The spray will not only kill ants currently there, but will also serve as a deterrent from further access as long as residue from the spray remains.