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How to Launder Mediflow Pillows

Trish Popovitch

Water-filled Mediflow pillows promote a better night’s sleep. The Mediflow pillow consists of a washable outer case and an interior water fill unit. Laundering the Mediflow pillow is similar to cleaning a regular pillow with a few important additions.

  1. Place the dual purpose tool that came with the pillow into the valve on the outside of the pillow. The smaller end of the tool is threaded and fits into the top of the value. Push the tool into the valve and turn counter clockwise. This will undo the valve and open the water pouch.

  2. Tip the pillow upside down, hold on to the bottom of the pillow firmly with both hands and allow the water to drain from the water sack inside the pillow. Catch the water in the sink or bathtub and allow to drain completely before tipping back right way up. Replace the valve cap on the empty water sack before proceeding.

  3. Fill a clean sink with tepid water. The water does not need to be ice cold, room temperature is fine, approximately 70 degrees. Hot water will damage the pillow.

  4. Add a little liquid detergent (a gentle hypoallergenic formula is best) to the water. There may not be many bubbles because of the lack of heat, but the soap will mix with the water.

  5. Submerge the pillow into the water and use your finger tips to massage the fabric to release stains and grime. Do not add bleach.

  6. Rinse in cold water and wring by gently twisting the fabric to slowly squeeze the excess water out. Be sure not to overwork or stress the fabric. Over wringing could damage the inner water-fill pouch, as well as weaken the outer pillow form. Over wringing would occur from excess twisting and pulling of the fibers.

  7. Smooth out the fabric and hang to drip dry. Dry at room temperature completely before refilling. The pillow should not be ironed as this may damage the inner workings.

  8. Use the dual purpose tool as a funnel and pour the desired amount of water back into the freshly laundered pillow.