How to Use a Rubber Strap Wrench

C.L. Rease

A rubber strap wrench is a simple but effective tool with a variety of uses. Such wrenches consist of a rubber strap that grips onto a surface, and a wrench handle that provides leverage for turning the part held by the rubber strap.

Strap wrenches will help you open jars of food.

To use a rubber strap wrench, you must understand how the rubber strap holds the part and how the wrench handle holds the rubber strap in place.

  1. Pull the loose end of the rubber strap from the wrench handle.

  2. Inspect the length of the rubber strap to ensure that the strap contains no tears, scuffs or dry rot. If you see any damage on the rubber strap, do not use the rubber strap tool -- the strap could break and cause injury.

  3. Thread the loose end of the rubber strap into the holding slot of the wrench handle. Leave the loop created by the rubber strap loose.

  4. Slide the loose loop of the rubber strap wrench over the lid of any unopened jar and pull the end of the rubber strap to tighten the strap around the pickle jar lid. Make sure that the strap is centered around the cap's edges.

  5. Apply counterclockwise pressure on the wrench handle to lock the rubber strap into the wrench handle.

  6. Push the wrench handle counterclockwise until the lid of the jar loosens.

  7. Pull the wrench handle toward you to loosen the rubber strap from the wrench handle, and lift the loosened rubber strap wrench from the lid of the pickle jar.

  8. Pull the loose end of the rubber strap to keep the strap tight to the wrench handle, so that the rubber strap does not become damaged during storage.

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