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What Is the Thickness of Aluminum Gutters?

Christina Hadley
Table of Contents

A gauge is used to determine the thickness of aluminum during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers produce sheets of aluminum for gutters in four standard sizes. The different gauges are commonly known as light, medium or heavy weight.

.019 Inch (Light Weight Gauge)

Off the shelf aluminum gutters are about .019 inches thick. This weight may collapse under heavy snow or warp from cumulative sun exposure.

.025 Inch (Light Weight Gauge)

Tree branches, ladders or children at play can easily damage .025 gauge aluminum gutters. They are also known to wrinkle and bow between the anchors with the passing of time (or heavy rainfall).

.027 Inch (Medium Weight Gauge)

One of two standard thicknesses for seamless gutters, medium weight aluminum gutters meet professional standards. The .027 weight aluminum gutter falls into the category of a “standard builder-grade” gutter.

.032 Inch (Heavy Weight Gauge)

Known as “primary aluminum,” this heavy weight aluminum gutter is professional grade. A .032 aluminum gutter has the most consistent thickness among the four gauges. It’s also the most expensive.


Identifying the appropriate gauge or thickness of aluminum gutters is a serious matter. Careful consideration of your needs before the installation phase can prevent costly expenditures on repair and replacement of the gutters, or water damage to your home.