Homemade Oil Warmer

Many people use aromatherapy for a variety of reasons. Some use eucalyptus, lavender and cinnamon to clear the air and kill germs, while others use peppermint to relax. Many people use aromatherapy simply to make their homes smell good. They may use a different scent in each room, requiring many oil warmers.

Make your own oil warmers.

Though there are many commercial varieties of oil warmers available, they pieces can be expensive. One solution is to make your own homemade oil warmer. They can be produced relatively simply with household items and a little patience.

  1. Wash and dry a small glass bowl four to six inches in diameter. It should be shallow and made of an industrial glass like Pyrex. Small condiment bowls should work just fine.

  2. Rinse off a small terra cotta pot with an opening slightly smaller than your bowl. The bowl should be able to sit in the opening securely and balance without falling into the pot. Make sure this is the case before doing anything else to your supplies. Your pot can be plain or have decoration, depending on your preferences.

  3. Soak your pot in room temperature water for several hours. Dry it gently and use a Dremel tool to cut a an arched “doorway” in one side, making sure it is wide and tall enough for you to slide a tea light into easily. Use your power drill to make “punched” designs in the pot. Spirals, stars or other geometric patterns work well.

  4. Place the glass bowl on top of the terra cotta pot and drip a little essential oil into it. Slip a tea light into the pot and light it. You now have an attractive, homemade oil warmer.