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How to Clean Turkey Feathers

Monica Patrick

Gathering feathers for crafting or pillow stuffing is an enjoyable hobby. Turkeys shed large feathers frequently so it is easy to gather feathers quickly. After you have assembled your pile of feathers, you need to clean them. Turkey feathers can be dirty or soiled by turkey droppings.

Clean your turkey feathers before using them.

No one wants to handle smelly feathers. Clean them up in just a few steps using ingredients you have around your home.

Powder Method

  1. Fill a zippered storage bag with ½ cup of flour. Add 1 cup of corn meal along with 3 tbsp. of oxygen-based powder cleaner.

  2. Add the dirty feathers to the bag.

  3. Zip the bag up and shake it, blending the feathers and powder together. Continue to shake the bag until the feathers are clean.

  4. Remove the feathers from the bag and shake the excess powder from them one by one.

Soap Method

  1. Fill a plastic bucket with warm water. While the water is running, add a capful of gentle liquid detergent to the water.

  2. Add the feathers to the soapy water. Swirl the feathers around the water with a long-handled wooden spoon.

  3. Empty the water from the bucket and then add fresh water to the bucket. Swirl the feathers in the clean water.

  4. Empty the bucket and remove the feathers.

  5. Smooth the feathers gently and reshape them. Hold the feathers by the quill and blow-dry them.