Uses of Club Soda

Club soda, a common household staple, has more uses than for mixing drinks. Club soda is perhaps one of the most versatile products found in your pantry. The primary uses of club soda include as a cooking tool, for household cleaning and fabric care. Club soda also has some more interesting using around the houses.

Club soda can be used for a variety of household chores.

Next time you have an extra bottle of club soda, use it around the house to help with many household chores.


Club soda can be used in the kitchen to help with a variety of cooking projects. When making breakfast foods such as pancakes and waffles, substitute club soda for the liquid called for in the pancake and waffle recipes for a light, airy texture. Club soda may also be used to make inexpensive soft drinks by adding club soda to fruit juice, recommends the Joey Green’s website. Those who love to eat oysters know that shucking them can become a difficult chore. Make shucking a bit easier by soaking oysters in club soda. The soda helps loosen the oyster shells, making the shucking process less cumbersome, according to the Reader’s Digest website.

Fabric Care

Grease and food stains sometimes seem impossible to remove from double knit fabrics, carpets and delicate fabrics. Treat stained fabric with club soda and scrub gently to help get the stain out properly. Reader’s Digest recommends using club soda to remove urine stains by blotting the spot with club soda. Club soda also alleviates the smell associated with urine.

Household Cleaning

Around the house club soda has many uses and is as effective as some commercial cleaners. Club soda can be poured directly on surfaces like ranges, counter tops and sinks. Wipe clean with a cloth and rinse with warm water. Club soda is also safe for use on porcelain fixtures. A benefit to using club soda for cleaning these surfaces is that it will not damage the finish or leave streaks like other commercial cleaners. Use club soda to help wash heavy cast iron pots and pans. Pour club soda into the used pot or pan while it is still warm to keep food from sticking. Club soda should be in every handyman’s bag of tricks. Pouring club soda on rusty nails, screws and blots helps alleviate the rust, making them easier to remove.

Plant Care

Water your house plants using leftover club soda which contains more minerals than tap water. Using club soda once a week helps plant achieve optimum growth.


Club soda is an effective jewelry cleaner for precious gems such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Soak stone in a glass of club soda overnight.

Car Windshields

Keeping a spray bottle filled with club soda in the car helps drivers touch up the windshield. Bird droppings, bug splatter and other road stains cannot be prevented but the carbonation of club soda helps speed up the cleaning process.

Hair Color

During the summer, those who color their hair blonde know that chlorine exposure may cause hair to appear green. Rinse hair with club soda after swimming to help restore hair color.

Stomach Problems

Club soda is a wonderful homeopathic cure for an upset stomach. Drinking cold club soda with a dash of bitters helps calm tummy troubles.

Newspaper Preservation

The Joey Green website recommends using a mixture of club soda and milk of magnesia to preserve newspaper clippings. Mix one capful of milk of magnesia with one quart of club soda and let the mixture stand overnight. Soak newspaper clippings for about one hour and blot dry.