Types of Chimney Caps

Sharon Lynn

A chimney cap covers the top of a chimney so that rain and moisture do not get inside, causing damage to the chimney and to the walls and ceilings of a home.

A chimney cap keeps birds from building nests inside the chimney and will keep other animals like raccoons and squirrels from entering and blocking the chimney or getting inside the home. The right size chimney cap can also prevent drafts in the home.

Standard Types

Standard chimney caps are made from materials such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel. They come in various sizes to fit any size chimney. Most standard caps come with screening around the sides to keep small animals from getting into the chimney. These caps are easily mounted onto the top of the chimney with screws or special fasteners. Stainless steel caps are popular due to the fact that they are less likely to rust and are more durable in certain weather conditions. Standard chimney caps are good for keeping drafts from entering the home and may be used with metal or masonry chimneys.

Custom Types

Custom chimney caps are made to fit the size of unusual shaped chimneys. They are made of various materials such as aluminum, copper and brass in different styles for an attractive appearance. They also come in other finishes to suit your needs. They work just like standard caps but are made special to cover a particular style and size of chimney.

Electric Types

Electric chimney caps work like ordinary chimney caps while regulating drafts. They have fans that work from electricity built in them that operate with different speeds. These caps are made special to solve draft problems that cannot be solved in other ways. A person can pick which speed to use in order to correct a draft problem with their chimney. These caps work well but are expensive and can cost over $1,000 plus installation to have one installed, according to an article on Hearth.com.

Copper Types

A copper chimney cap will add a decorative touch to your home. It adds beauty to a home while protecting the chimney and home from small animals, rain and moisture. This type of cap will last for many years and hold up well under most weather conditions. Copper caps come in many styles, just like standard caps, and also come in custom-made sizes for chimneys.