How to Cut Vinyl Siding Around a Faucet

Damon Koch

Installing vinyl siding on a house can greatly improve the look and value of the house. Vinyl siding has become one the most popular forms of siding in the last 20 years. Vinyl siding can be installed easily on flat straight runs with no obstacles. However, siding around a faucet can be a little tricky.

Fortunately a professional-looking job can be done by the novice by following the right procedure.

  1. Unscrew the faucet assembly and pull it out from the wall a couple of inches.

  2. Cut a piece of plywood into a square big enough to provide a backing to nail the siding to.

  3. Nail the plywood to the side of the house with the bottom of the plywood 1/4-inch above the water pipe for the faucet.

  4. Notch the piece of vinyl siding at the top just big enough to accommodate the width of the faucet. If the faucet falls in the center of the siding then cut the siding in half and notch each half to fit the faucet.

  5. Slide the siding up behind the faucet and nail in place. If the siding was cut in half to accommodate a faucet that fell in the center then slide the pieces in from the sides and nail in place.

  6. Fasten the faucet assembly back in place by replacing the screws.

  7. Caulk any spaces around the faucet.