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Old Flange Showerhead Problem Repair

Dario Saandvik

The flange surrounding a shower head in a built-in shower is an integral piece of the hardware that maintains the shower system and the surrounding walls.

The shower head flange is important not only for holding the shower head tightly in place, but it also keeps moisture and backsplash from the shower from making its way into the wall and potentially damaging the underlying plaster, sheetrock or wood. When a shower head flange becomes disconnected or loose from the wall of the shower, it takes just a few simple steps to tighten and reseal it.

  1. Scrape all of the old caulk out of the gap between the shower head flange and the shower wall.

  2. Wipe down the area around and behind the shower head flange with a bathroom surface cleaner, then dry with a towel to provide a clean surface for the caulk to stick to.

  3. Apply a thin layer of caulk to the surface behind the flange. You may need to pull the shower head out somewhat to create enough space to get the tip of the caulk tube behind the flange.

  4. Press the flange back against the wall and apply a thin layer of caulk around the edge.

  5. Hold the flange in place for a few minutes to dry (refer to the caulk manufacturer's instructions on drying time).