How to Clean an Army Combat Uniform

Marsanne Petty

Army combat uniforms require diligent care to keep them from being damaged, faded or worn out before their time, but it is possible. Although the updating of the uniforms cut the expense of dry cleaning, it added to the laundry chores of every household.

  1. Close all loop fasteners to prevent snags, and turn the uniform inside out before washing.

  2. Treat all stains before washing the uniform. Soak uniforms stained with coffee in a detergent and warm water solution for 20 minutes; and for oil stains, use dish detergent and water. Remove pen stains with mineral spirits, and disperse sweat stains with OxiClean.

  3. Do not use any sort of starch on the uniform or subject it to any dry cleaning or steam press processes to avoid damage to the uniform.

  4. Wash the uniform at the regular setting, in a detergent free of optical brighteners to keep the uniform from fading. Some choices are All Free and Clear (specially formulated for uniforms), Country Save, Cheer liquid and powder, Sport Wash, Woolite, Surf powder and Bold powder.

  5. Dry the uniform on low heat, and immediately remove it from the dryer to avoid wrinkles.

  6. Either fold the uniform flat or hang it on a plastic hanger.