How to Clean a Spa Bathtub

Holland Ember

Cleaning spa bathtubs and plumbing is important to eliminate growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to infections. As every spa bathtub is different, check the owner’s manual on your bathtub before attempting to clean it. Remember to clean inside the jet pipes in addition to the bathtub surface.

Clean the jets of a spa bathtub as well
  1. Scrub the surface of your bathtub using the soft cloth and gentle bathroom cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaner, which can scratch the surface.

  2. Clean between the crevices of the jets and every nook you can reach using the soft cloth.

  3. Rinse the cleaner from the tub.

  4. Fill the tub with hot water, completely covering the jets. Hot water is better for disinfecting than other temperatures, and the water should reach 140 degrees F. to kill bacteria.

  5. Pour in the powdered detergent or borax to the running hot water. Mix up the water in the tub if necessary to dissolve the powder.

  6. Turn on your jets and allow the detergent and water to run through the jets for 20 minutes.

  7. Drain the water from the tub.

  8. Fill the tub again with cold water, completely covering the jets.

  9. Run the jets for 20 minutes. This will clear the cleaning material from the pipes.

  10. Drain the water from the tub.

  11. Tip

    Clean the jets of the spa bathtub at least once a month. Use low-foaming bath salts in the bathtub instead of foaming soaps or bath oils, which can leave residues.


    Do not use bleach to clean the jets. Bleach can damage the spa system. Do not leave children unattended near the bathtub while you are cleaning it.