How to Clean Grease Spots from a Leather Purse

Grease spots on a leather purse make the purse look dirty. Grease soaks into leather, which makes it difficult to remove. To save your leather purse, remove the grease spots as soon as possible. Some purses have a protective coating.

Leather purse

These types clean easier because the coating keeps the grease from soaking completely into the leather itself. Grease gets on purses when it spills or splatters. Keep your leather purse away from grease to keep it from getting dirty.

  1. Press the cloth into the stain. Hold it there for a couple minutes. Remove and repeat with the other side of the leather.

  2. Pour talcum powder or cornstarch over the grease spot. You shouldn't see any of the leather through the powder. Leave the powder on the grease spot for at least 6 hours.

  3. Shake off the powder into a trash can. Wet a small area of one of the cloths and wipe it over the leather area to remove any talcum powder residue.