How to Clean a Plastic Purse

Noel Stanchfield

Purses come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. They hold our wallets, bills, phones and makeup. At any given moment, most women's purses hold the most important things in our lives, from credit cards to the phone number of the cute guy at the cupcake shop.

Has something unfortunate happened to your plastic purse?

Depending on the volume of things that you generally carry with you on a daily basis, it can be hard to find the perfect purse. Which can make it all the more devastating when something happens to your purse. But whether it's a sticky red wine spill or an unfortunate drop in a mud puddle, cleaning your plastic purse can be done at home, making it look as good as new.

  1. Remove all of the contents of the purse before you begin. Make sure to empty out any zippered compartments as well.

  2. Gently vacuum out the inside of the purse. Vacuums with detail attachments usually work well, as do mini-vacuums.

  3. Fill the bucket up halfway with warm water.

  4. Add a small amount (generally slightly less than two tablespoons) of the mild detergent to the warm water, mixing it completely so that the mixture bubbles.

  5. With the clean cloth, gently apply the cleaning solution to the outside of the purse, rubbing gently to remove stubborn stains or marks. Repeat as needed to finish cleaning.

  6. Carefully pat dry the purse with a clean, dry towel.