How to Clean a Discolored Shower Door Frame

Neil Greenlees

Imagine how you would feel if you checked into a hotel and found the shower door in the bathroom encased in tarnished chrome or stained plastic.

A discolored door frame will your shower less inviting.

A discolored shower door frame in the bathroom of your home will give a similar impression of less-than-perfect cleaning, no matter how much time you devote to making sure the tiles, toilet, sink and tub gleam. However, it is easy to restore a shower door frame to its original shining state.

  1. Wash your shower door frame with a solution of warm water and liquid dish-washing detergent, using a cleaning cloth rag. Dry the frame with paper towels, and identify areas of discoloration.

  2. Rub the entire chrome frame with the swab from your tin of silver polish. Use a dry cloth rag to apply a coat of cream metal polish to the surface of a plastic frame. Both types of frame should then be rubbed vigorously with another cloth rag until an obvious shine is achieved. Give extra attention to discolored areas.

  3. Mix a solution of one part water to one part white vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray it liberally on the outside and inside of your shower doors. Rub the glass and frame vigorously with paper towels to remove dirt and soap scum, then rub them vigorously with a dry rag to achieve a shine.


According to MonsterGuide.net, other household products can also be used to clean chrome, such as a few drops of baby oil or undiluted white vinegar. According to "The Cleaning Bible," stubborn stains on plastic shower door frames can be treated with a paste made from bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of water. Or a stronger cream cleaner can be used.


Do not use abrasive material on chrome shower door frames, because it may scratch the finish.

Use stronger cream cleaners or bicarbonate of soda on plastic shower door frames only as a last resort, because they may leave fine scratches.

Wear protective gloves when working with cleaning chemicals.