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How to Remove Ink From Linoleum

Stormy Lee

Ink can unintentionally get on your linoleum in a variety of ways. An ink mark will make the linoleum look unattractive and attention will be focused on the ink stain instead of the beauty of the flooring.


If you find yourself with an ink stain on your linoleum, you do not have to replace the linoleum or have it professionally cleaned to rid yourself of the stain. You can remove it yourself with a little bit of scrubbing.

  1. Pour rubbing alcohol onto the ink. You should use enough alcohol so it covers the entire ink stain.

  2. Let the rubbing alcohol sit on the ink for 5 minutes.

  3. Scrub the ink off of the linoleum with a scrubbing pad. Do not scrub too hard or you could damage the linoleum.

  4. Wet a paper towel with water and wipe the area to remove the alcohol. Dry the area with a paper towel when you are finished.

  5. Apply floor wax to the area to protect it. The use of rubbing alcohol and a scrubbing pad will make it more susceptible to damage.

  6. Tip

    Test a small area that is not noticeable first to make sure that the rubbing alcohol and scrubbing pad do not have any undesirable effects.