How to Steam-Clean Marble

Marble is a delicate stone used often in sculpting and building. Household interiors sometimes have marble floors, showers or countertops. Keeping marble clean or removing stains is difficult because marble damages easily. Most household cleaning products are too harsh and strip the sealant off the surface.

Chemical-free steam-cleaning is a simple method to remove dirt and stains.

  1. Fill the steam cleaner tank with water and plug it in. Wait for the water to heat up; heating times vary by model.

  2. Press the steam button to spray steam onto the affected area. Clean small sections of marble at a time.

  3. Drag a mop head over the area to soak up the water and loosen grime. Wipe the area with a cloth to remove excess water.

  4. Repeat until the entire surface is clean. You may need to clean the area several times if the marble is especially dirty.

  5. Tip

    Refill and reheat the water in the tank if you hear a gurgling sound.


    Leaving water on the surface of marble for an extended period leads to spotting. Wipe the cleaned area thoroughly with a cloth as you go to prevent this.