Pigeon Control With Peppermint Soap

Louise Lawson

Often referred to as “rats with wings,” pigeons have plagued homeowners for years. Pigeons flock in large numbers and can easily destroy an entire summer garden in a matter of minutes. Pigeons are also vocal birds, making it nearly impossible to sleep if they nest on your roof.

Pigeons will be deterred by the scent of peppermint oil.

Peppermint soap has been used to successfully deter pigeons without the use of traps or poisons.

  1. Purchase peppermint soap from a health food store or drug store. Peppermint soap is a liquid mixture containing peppermint extract, and is commonly used as a body wash and shampoo. It is also more affordable than straight peppermint extract; a 16-oz. bottle of the liquid soap costs approximately $10.

  2. Put on goggles, gloves and a breathing mask before exploring any areas known to contain pigeons. They are extremely dirty birds and carry a number of diseases. Powdered pigeon droppings will irritate the lungs and can lead to infections.

  3. Identify the pigeons’ feeding and nesting locations. These birds will eat most any grain or vegetable, although they most often flock to established bird feeders for a quick meal. Pigeons like dark, secure spots and will often nest in sheds and along the eaves on your roof.

  4. Fill the spray bottle with peppermint soap and coat the feeding area with a thin layer of soap. Set the ladder against the side of the house and climb on the roof, spraying the eaves. Spray the soap down inside the chimney to discourage birds from nesting inside.

  5. Remove any nests you find. Pigeons will return to the same nesting ground year after year, so moving nests away from your home will keep them from coming back.

  6. Tip

    Apply the peppermint soap as often as necessary to deter pigeons. The soap dies slowly and will settle into the surface, leaving a lingering peppermint scent pigeons find offensive.


    Use caution when walking on sprayed surfaces. The soap is slippery and you can fall.