How to Cut a Slab of Granite With a Skilsaw

Granite slabs are not often useful in their original form because of their size and unwieldiness. Cut down into smaller pieces, however, granite slabs can make for handsome countertops or flooring designs.

A skilsaw can be useful for cutting more than just wood.

Cutting granite with a skilsaw--your basic circular-bladed hand-held power saw--might sound counter-intuitive, but it is actually one of the better ways to cut a slab of granite into smaller, manageable pieces. Best of all, the actual process is no more involved than the process of cutting wood with the same saw.

  1. Place the granite slab onto the sawhorses so that it is stable and will remain so during the cutting. Make sure the polished surface is facing upward, as this will lessen the chance of the granite being marred or chipped by the saw blade.

  2. Use your measuring tape or straight edge to measure out the exact angle and length of the cut you wish to make, then mark the length of the cut with your pencil.

  3. Line up the saw blade with the pencil mark, then pull the saw back slightly so that the blade is not touching the granite and switch on the saw.

  4. Push the saw into the granite slowly. There will be a lot of dust as you cut.

  5. Continue pushing the saw along the pencil mark until the saw blade has cut through the entire length of the granite.

  6. Tip

    You may wish to use a dust mask while cutting granite, as there will be a lot of dust from the cutting.


    Be sure you do not try to force the saw through the granite, as it could damage both the saw and the granite slab if you try to do so.