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Ways to Finish Trim Around a Skylight Window

Ryan Lawrence
Table of Contents

Different homeowners view the trim around their skylights in different ways. Some would prefer that the trim remain discreet and blend in with the rest of the ceiling, while others prefer a glossy finish coat that provides an accent to the rest of the room.

Try to remain consistent with the other trim in your home.

Still others prefer a more natural look and opt for stained or varnished finishes.

Flat finish

A flat paint finish is a good option for those who want the trim around their skylight to blend in with the rest of the ceiling. Choose a latex paint with a flat sheen if you plan to paint the trim the same color as the ceiling.

Satin finish

A satin paint finish is an appropriate option for those who wish to paint the trim a different color than the ceiling but don't want it to appear too showy.

Gloss Finish

Gloss finishes are the answer for those who want the trim around their skylight to stand out as an accent in their home. Gloss finishes are very shiny and are a good option for those whose homes are already accented with glossy trim in other areas.

Stained Finish

For those who prefer a natural finish, wood stain is the appropriate choice. Wood stains are available in a variety of tints and are a good choice for homes that already have stained wood baseboards, door jambs and crown molding.

Varnished Finish

Homeowners who prefer a natural appearance, but shy away from rich-colored stains may opt for a simple varnish for the trim around their skylight. Varnish coats will preserve the original color of the wood, while providing an attractive sheen and a good degree of durability.


Bare wood is ill-suited for paint adhesion. You must apply a coat of latex primer before you apply paint. Apply oil-based stains using a paintbrush manufactured for use with oil paints. Applied latex paints using brushes, made specifically for use with water-based paints.