How to Fix Rattling Windows

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Noisy, rattling windows are generally caused by one of two things--a loose glass pane, or a loose frame. The first case generally afflicts older windows, where the glass has traveled down the pane, causing the top of the window pane to become thinner than the bottom.

Fix noisy, rattling windows.

The second case is more common on wood framed windows, where the wood can warp and shrink with the weather.

Rattling Glass

  1. Apply the caulk to the space between the glass pane and the frame. Use the putty knife to work the caulk into the crack. You need to fill the crack completely.

  2. Soak the rag in vinegar and wipe any escaped caulk off the window glass.

  3. Check the window after the caulk dries. Fill in any revealed cracks in the caulk.

  4. Listen to the window carefully during the next windstorm. If the window still rattles, carefully check for and fill any cracks in the caulk.

Rattling Frame

  1. Open the window all the way. Measure the length and width of the exposed track.

  2. Add 6 inches to the length, and subtract 1/8 inch from the width. Cut 2 pieces of linoleum to these measurements.

  3. Nail a linoleum strip to the track on either side of the window with the carpet tacks. Add more strips if necessary to stop the rattling.

  4. Rub paraffin wax over the linoleum.