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How to Remove Ink From OSB Wood

Amanda Flanigan

OSB--which stands for oriented strand board--is similar to plywood. To make OSB, thousands of 3-inch-long strands of wood are combined into one sheet. Like with other types of wood, lumber companies mark OSB with an ink stamp.

Plywood and OSB wood are similar in look and structure.

The ink stamp states the species and grade of the wood, as well as the sawmill from where it came. Typically, lumber companies place the ink stamp out of sight. However, oversights happen and you might have to remove unsightly ink from your OSB wood.

  1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves.

  2. Pour lacquer thinner into a small plastic container.

  3. Saturate a scouring pad in the lacquer thinner. Use it remove the ink from the OSB wood. If the ink does not lift, continue with the remaining steps.

  4. Secure a fine-grit sandpaper onto a hand-sander. Plug in and turn on the sander.

  5. Sand the ink stain gently with the hand-sander. Sand only a few passes at a time, and then check the ink spot. Do not sand too deeply or you will create a low spot on the OSB wood.

  6. Tip

    Work in a well-ventilated area when using lacquer thinner.