How to Hold Teepee Poles Together

Building a teepee is a project done for fun at home or for shelter when camping. Long poles that intersect at the top and spread away from each other at the bottom create the frame for a teepee. Cover the frame with a tarp, such as canvas, and create a surprisingly roomy shelter.

Teepees make nice shelters for camping.
  1. Lay three main support poles on the ground.

  2. Tie a rope, snug but not tight, around the three poles approximately 1 foot from the top. Increase this measurement for larger teepees and reduce it for smaller teepees. Leave enough rope on one side of the tied poles to reach the bottom of the poles.

  3. Stand the three main support poles up and spread the bottoms apart as far as desired for the teepee.

  4. Add more poles around the three main poles and wrap the rope hanging from the main poles around the additional poles. Decide the location for the entrance and increase the spacing of the poles in that area to make entering and exiting the teepee possible without bumping the poles and knocking down the teepee.

  5. Wrap canvas or other covering over the teepee frame.