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How to Remove Metal Blinds

Kimberly Johnson

Metal blinds are typically made of aluminum and come in a variety of colors although white is most often used. Because the aluminum can become permanently bent, many people replace their metal blinds with more durable wood or vinyl blinds.

Removing metal blinds requires basic tools.

If you have decided to replace your metal blinds, you must first remove them from the window.

  1. Place a step stool next to the window where the metal blinds are installed unless you are tall enough to reach the top of the window casing.

  2. Look at one end of the horizontal blind head rail near the top of the window. Locate a thin cap at the end. Remove it, either by lifting up or sliding out toward the center of the blinds. Remove the cap on the opposite side of the head rail.

  3. Grasp the entire head rail with both hands and pull it straight out from the window to remove it from the mounting brackets. Set the metal blinds on the floor.

  4. Look in the left upper corner of the window and locate the cube-shaped mounting bracket attached to the window casing, the outside of the window trim or the ceiling. Insert a screwdriver into center of the bracket and remove the two screws. Set the mounting bracket on the floor.

  5. Remove the mounting bracket on the upper right side of the window casing.

  6. Look in the center top of the window casing to see if there is a center mounting bracket. Not all metal blinds use a center mount. If there is a center mount, remove it.