How to Buy a Bag of Coal

Jason Law

Whether it is for your outdoor barbecue grill, or for heating your home, there are many available sources for purchasing coal. Coal can be purchased in bulk, but for smaller needs, bags of coal are an easy solution.

Coal on a barbecue grill.

Local Stores

Different types of stores may sell bags of coal. The most common types to check are hardware stores and farm stores, however, most grocery stores also carry bags of coal. Look in the barbecue or home and garden section. Charcoal briquettes are common as well, so be sure you are purchasing coal and not charcoal.

Coal Burning Stove Dealers

Some stores deal exclusively in coal burning stoves. Locate these using a local directory, or an online search. Call ahead first to ask if they have what you need, but coal burning stove dealers usually carry the bags of coal you are seeking.


A 50-pound bag of coal costs about $25. Buying multiple bags at a time, or larger bags if available, may bring the cost down a bit.