How to Remove a Frameless Mirror

Rachel Turner

When you get involved in a project working with glass, you must take extra precautions and use safety equipment to protect your skin and eyes. Frameless mirrors usually have clips, glue or both attaching them to the wall.

Frameless mirrors attach to the wall with clips or glue.

Removing a frameless mirror is necessary if it is broken, or if you would like to upgrade or remodel the room. If you keep safety in mind, you can remove a mirror from a bathroom, bedroom or closet without incident and continue with the rest of your remodeling project.

  1. Put on protective safety gear and clothing, including safety goggles, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, thick boots and long pants.

  2. Apply several layers of painter's tape crisscrossing the entire face of the mirror glass. The tape will help to keep the mirror glass intact if the worst happens and the glass breaks.

  3. Have a helper hold the mirror. Unscrew the top clips of the mirror with a screwdriver. Sometimes smaller mirrors only require removing the top clips for them to come away from the wall. If your mirror pulls away from the wall after the top clips are removed, have your helper hold the mirror and help slide it out from the bottom clips.

  4. Measure the width of the frameless mirror with measuring tape. Add 12 inches to that figure and cut a piece of piano wire to size with a pair of wire cutters.

  5. Glide a hair dryer, blowing out hot air, over the entire face of the mirror. Use slow, back-and-forth motions with the hair dryer for at least 15 minutes. The heat will help soften the glue sticking the mirror to the wall.

  6. Grasp one end of the piano wire and have your helper grasp the other. Place the piano wire behind the top portion of the mirror. Roll a few inches of excess piano wire around a wooden spoon handle, and place your hand over the wire to keep it tight around the handle. Repeat this procedure for the other end of the piano wire until it pulls taut behind the mirror.

  7. Pull the piano wire in diagonal sawing motions to force it through the glue. Keep the wire pulled tightly, and continue sawing the glue until you reach the bottom of the mirror.

  8. Place your free hand on the mirror's glass to prevent it from falling when you saw through the bottom. Pick the mirror up and lift it from the bottom clips, if any. Remove the mirror, and reuse or discard at a recycling center.

  9. Tip

    Have your helper use a second hair dryer for faster results.