How to Replace an Outdoor Water Faucet in a Concrete Wall

Outdoor faucets are sometimes called spigots, sill cocks or hose bibs. They provide plumbing outside the home that is useful for activities such as landscape watering and vehicle washing. Outdoor faucets are installed in the concrete walls of your home by tapping into the main water line.

A leaky outdoor faucet can cause high water bills.

If the faucet begins to leak, this can cost you money in wasted water. Runoff from the leak also may cause erosion problems and damage your home's foundation. Replacing your leaky faucet will save you money and ensure water damage is avoided.

  1. Shut off the main water supply to your home, or the water valve that serves the leaky outdoor faucet. Turn the shut-off valve clockwise, using an adjustable wrench if the handle is hard to turn. Insert a screwdriver through a hole in the handle of the wrench for additional leverage if necessary.

  2. Turn the handle of the outdoor faucet to allow the water to drain out.

  3. Grip the pipe that the faucet is attached to, using a pair of adjustable pliers. Hold the pliers tightly with one hand. Place a pipe wrench around the faucet with your other hand. Twist the wrench until the faucet comes off.

  4. Clean the now-exposed pipe threads with a stiff brush.

  5. Wrap the pipe threads with plumber’s tape.

  6. Twist the new faucet onto the pipe threads by hand until the faucet is tight.

  7. Wrap the new faucet with a towel to protect the finish.

  8. Place the adjustable pliers around the pipe and hold tightly with one hand. Position the pipe wrench around the faucet, using your other hand. Make sure the towel is covering the faucet and is under the wrench. Turn the wrench until the new faucet is securely tightened.

  9. Turn on the water supply. Turn on the new faucet and check for leaks.


Holding the pipe while loosening and tightening the faucet prevents stress on the pipe and possible damage.