How to Reset the TPMS Light on an Impala

Many models of the Chevrolet Impala are equipped with a tire pressure monitor system connected to the onboard computer. If the computer detects a low tire pressure condition while the car is being driven, a message appears on the display to alert the driver. The display indicates which tire must be adjusted.

Use a pressure gauge to measure your tires' air pressure.

After the tire pressure condition is corrected, the TPMS computer will automatically reset if proper pressure is detected in each tire.

  1. Park the Impala on a level surface in the vicinity of a compressed air source.

  2. Remove each tire's valve cap.

  3. Press the tire pressure gauge into the valve of each tire to measure the pressure.

  4. Push the compressed air nozzle into the valve stem to inject air in any tire that is low. The suggested pressure for each tire is printed on the side of the tire.

  5. Release the compressed air after a few seconds and check the pressure again. Repeat the process until all four tires are properly inflated.