How Long Should I Wait to Move Furniture After Cleaning Carpets?

Jennifer Eblin

For a deeper clean that reaches all areas of the carpet, it’s best to remove the furniture from the room before cleaning. The amount of time you wait to return the furniture depends on the type of cleaning method used.

Average Time

Cleaned carpets remain wet for up to eight hours, according to Housekeeping Channel. Bonnet cleaning, which treats the carpet with special pads, dries within 30 minutes.


Wait until the carpet is fully dry before bringing your furniture back into the room. Heavy furniture that presses down on the wet carpet pushes and weighs down the fibers. When you move the furniture again, you’ll find large indents in the carpeting caused by this pressure.


Housekeeping Channel warns against keeping carpets wet or damp for 24 hours or longer. After 24 hours, bacteria begin to set into the fibers of the carpet, similar to problems caused by flooding.