Top Three Computer Companies

The computer industry, and the rise of the Internet as a business tool, has powered the economies of the world's developed countries for the past 25 years.

All three top companies produce laptops as well as desktop computers and peripherals.

The computer industry, and the rise of the Internet as a business tool, has powered the economies of the world's developed countries for the past 25 years. To keep up with the constant advances, companies in virtually every industry have had to purchase computers, peripherals and software on a cycle of every three to five years. Three top computer companies are in the vanguard of meeting his demand for the latest business and personal-computing technology.

International Business Machines

June 16, 1911, marked the beginning of IBM’s predecessor company, Computing-Tabulating Recording Company or CTR. They manufactured dial recorders after Alexander Dey invented them in 1888. In 1924, the company was renamed International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Today this company manufactures computer servers and systems, software, computer storage, printing systems and accessories. IBM is also the world’s largest provider of technical services such as business consultation, IT services, outsourcing, software and technical training. They run the most remote data stations of any company in the world. In addition to being a computer producer and technologies service, IBM distributes technologies and information for a vast array of partner companies.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is named for its two founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. They met while at Stanford University and started this worldwide company by producing audio oscillators in 1939. The Walt Disney Corporation, one of Hewlett Packard first customers, purchased some of these oscillators for the movie “Fantasia.” Now this company operates in 170 countries. They provide complete technology systems to worldwide businesses as well as technology services. In 2009, HP had a fortune 500 ranking of No. 9. Their revenue that year was $114.6 billion. They provide homes, the government, small and large businesses with laptop and desktop computers, printers, monitors, scanners, smart phones, software and all the accessories for these products. They also provide the necessary services to set up, maintain and protect these technologies.


According to “Net Valley” and “100 Digest,” the Dell Corporation is the world’s fourth-largest IT company, just behind Verizon, and it beats Microsoft Corp. by a hair. The first Dell PC came out on the market in 1986, two years after the company was founded . Its research and development arm spans the globe, with engineers of many cultural backgrounds. Dell has 96,000 employees; they ship more than 110,000 products a day, according to their website. They have customers in 166 countries across the globe. With 60 technical support centers and seven global command centers, they are able to reach their customers anywhere. Dell provides technologies for the home, government and business and, according to their website, is the No. 1 IT service provider for the health-care industry. Dell does business with 90 percent of the fortune 500 companies as well as 10 million small businesses.

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