How to Wash Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylor shoes, though originally intended as basketball shoes, tend to be more of a fashionable shoe choice than a practical one. As such, cleaning and maintaining them may not be as straightforward as with regular sneakers, especially if they're lighter in color.

Most Chuck Taylors are made of canvas, which is fairly easy to clean

In general, it's best to take care of any stains as they happen, rather than waiting to throw them in the wash. Bleach, though not advised, can be used as a last resort for white Chuck Taylors.

Washing Chuck Taylors

  1. Rub the sponge all over the front and other visible rubber parts of the shoe. This should take care of any stains soap cannot handle for the non-canvas sections of the shoe.

  2. Wash your Chuck Taylors in a washing machine with warm water and a mild liquid clothing detergent. Make sure to not pour detergent directly on shoes. Rather, let the water run a bit first so that the shoes become at least partially submerged and then pour the detergent in the machine.

  3. Allow shoes to air-dry for at least 10 hours. Make sure they are fully dry at least one hour before you plan on wearing them. Do not allow them to dry in direct sunlight or use a blow-dryer on shoes. This could cause fading and lessen the quality of the material and color.

  4. Tip

    Spot clean whenever possible, but try and wash them in the washing machine at least once every 2 months.


    Bleach will weaken the integrity of canvas, though can be used as a last resort for stubborn stains on white shoes. Do not dry in an automatic drying machine -- this too can cause damage to the fabric.