How to Repair a Bella Cucina Rocket Blender

Liz Tomas

The Bella Cucina Rocket blender is an inexpensive personal blender. The blender cup functions as the drinking cup making it ideal for shakes and smoothies. There are minimal repairs that can be done on the blender when problems occur.

Rocket blender is the right size to make single-serving smoothies.

The main problem is that the parts are not made of high-quality material and break quickly. The warranty only covers broken parts for the first year. The rocket blender is inexpensive as it costs less than $50. In many instances, it is easier to buy a new one than repair the old.

  1. Replace the plastic gear that drives the steel blades. This can snap into pieces with use over time. The only way to get the blender to work is to replace the broken gear with a new one. Contact the manufacturer for new parts. If the plastic gear has melted in place then there is no repair. The gear will melt if you keep the blender on for too long as the base unit heats up. Only use the blender in short bursts to avoid this. When the gear melts, you will need to replace the entire unit.

  2. Replace the blender cup if it should crack. Cracks will cause the blender to leak. The cup cracks when the blender ingredients are too hard or difficult to blend. The blender comes with several blender cups so you should have a spare.

  3. Use a multimeter to check if the power cord is working properly. A blown power cord will not power the blender. Another possibility is that the motor has blown out. However ,you will smell a burning aroma when the motor breaks. If the power cord has shorted, then it needs to be replaced. If the motor has burned out, then it is not worth it to replace just the motor. Because the blender is inexpensive it is the same cost to get a new blender.