My KitchenAid Mixer Stopped Turning

Carla Locke

KitchenAid stand mixers are designed to easily mix dough and batter in a reduced amount of time compared to a hand mixer. However, like any appliance, proper care and maintenance is required to keep the mixer in working order.

Stand mixers reduce the mixing time needed in recipes.

Sometimes mixers have problems and stop turning, but fortunately there are solutions to these problems.

The Mixer Has No Power

If your mixer has been moved after plugging it in, the cord may no longer be plugged into the outlet. Inspect the cord to ensure it is plugged in. Also, if the outlet is a GFCI outlet, check that it does not need to be reset. If the mixer is plugged in, examine the circuit breaker box to see that the fuse has not blown or the switch has not tripped.

Overheating: The Mixer Has Run Too Long

Letting the mixer run too long can cause it to overheat. Ten minutes is the maximum time that a mixer should run when mixing something heavy. Allow the mixer to rest and completely cool after every two batches of heavy loads, like bread dough. For light mixes, like cake batter, the mixer can run up to 20 minutes.

Overheating: The Mixer Was Started on a High Speed

If the mixer has to work too hard to mix the dough, it will eventually overheat. Each mixing session should start at the lowest speed to avoid overheating the mixer. Always start with the speed set at Stir, so you don't overheat the mixer. Otherwise, the mixer will strain while trying to turn. Gradually increase the speed as the mixer works through the batter or dough. For heavy doughs, do not set the speed above two.

What to Do if Your Mixer Overheats

If the mixer overheats, it will shut off and be hot to the touch. On some models, there is an overload reset button that will pop out. Turn the mixer off, let the mixer rest for a few minutes and push the reset button. For models without a reset button, turn the mixer off and let it rest until it completely cools. After letting the mixer rest and possibly pushing the reset button, you can use the mixer again.