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Bosch Mixer Repair Instructions

Sommer Leigh

The Bosch mixer unit requires no special care other than cleaning. You may still experience occasional problems when using the mixer. The two gaskets, in particular, can require replacement. Other than the repairs Bosch outlines in its owner's manual, the company doesn't recommend performing other repairs. Unauthorized work performed on the machine may void your warranty or damage the mixer beyond repair.

Step 1

Turn the mixer off and remove the mixture if it doesn't start after you turn it on. Place less of the mixture into the bowl and start the mixer again.

Step 2

Unscrew the bearing and coupling piece nuts to replace the bowl and drive pin gaskets. Replace these pieces whenever fluids start leaking around them. Lift out the gasket. Clean around the gasket seating area with a soft, damp cloth. Set the new gaskets in place of the old gaskets.

Step 3

Turn the mixer to the off position if it shuts down during operation. A built-in circuit breaker may shut down the motor to protect it from overheating. Wait for the mixer to cool. Reset the circuit breaker button. Restart the mixer.

Step 4

Turn the blender until it's seated firmly and close the cover securely if the blender doesn't work when turned on.