How to Program a DSC Alarm System

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A DSC alarm system will protect your business or home from unwanted intruders by emitting a loud noise and notifying security. Upon installing your device, you may have some questions about its programmable options.

In case of power outtage, DSC systems have battery backup.

Following some simple steps and performing your own maintenance will have you programming your device with efficiency, in little time. You can program up to 16 access codes into your alarm system, adjust the brightness and contrast of your display screen, and set the buzzer loudness.

Program an Access Code

  1. Program from 1 to 16 access codes to your alarm system by first opening the keypad panel door. Slip your finger into the right or left lip of the panel and pull it down, exposing the keypad.

  2. Press the “*” key -- located underneath the “7” key on the numbered keypad and then the “5” key -- located on the numbered keypad between the “4” and “6” keys. You will then be prompted to enter the “Master Access Code.” This is a code that you have chosen upon your initial setup. You will then see the lock icon appear on the display.

  3. Select a two-digit number to which you’d like to save your additional access code. Choose a number between 1 and 16. As an example, to designate 5 as your access code designation number, enter the two digits “0” and “5.”

  4. Enter the four-digit access code of your choosing, and then press the “#” key -- located underneath the “9” key on the numbered keypad -- to save the number and exit.

Adjust the Contrast/Brightness

  1. Make adjustments to the display’s brightness or contrast by first pushing the “*” button, and then the “6” key -- located on the numbered keypad below the “3” key.

  2. Enter the four-digit master code when prompted. Use the “Right” or “Left” keys -- located to the left of the numbered keypad -- to highlight either “Brightness” or “Contrast,” and then push “*” to select it.

  3. Adjust the “Brightness” by using the “Left” and “Right” keys to move the levels up or down. Choose from from four brightness levels. A higher level number will raise the brightness, whereas a lower level number will lower the brightness.

  4. Adjust the “Contrast” by using the “Left” and “Right” buttons to scroll through 10 contrast setting levels. The lower numbered levels will lower the contrast, whereas the higher numbered levels will increase the contrast.

  5. Push the “#” key to save and exit, when you are satisfied with both settings.

Set the Buzzer Level

  1. Choose from 21 levels of buzzer volume.

  2. Select the “00” level to completely disable the buzzer. Push “,” “6,” and then the master code. Push the “Left” or “Right” selector buttons to highlight “Buzzer Control,” then push “.”

  3. Use the “Left” or “Right” buttons to choose the buzzer volume level of your preference. Push “#” to save and exit.