Problems With Pull Out Faucets

Steve Smith

Pull-out faucets are easier to use in some instances because the spout moves and gives you access to the inside of pots and the edges of large pans. However, these faucets are not problem-free. Some issues crop up during and after use which require repair and attention.

If your faucet spray head needs attention, one of these fixes may help.

Low Water Flow

Sediment builds up inside of a faucet spray head causing a reduction in water flow rates. This results in a less powerful spray stream. A simple fix is all you need to correct this problem. If your faucet has a screen attached to the head remove it by using your manufacturer's key. Insert the key and turn left then take the spray screen off. Clean the head by washing in water or rub your fingers along the nozzle head to clear away sediment. Then re-attach the screen and use the faucet.

Hanging Spray Head

If your faucet spray head hangs down below the edge of the faucet spout, the issues lies under the sink. A weight is attached to the hose under your sink and it helps to retract the spray head when not it use. This is a simple two-minute fix. Unscrew the screws securing the weight to the hose and slide it down or up the hose to adjust its position until the spray head retracts properly and rests flush with the edge of the faucet.

Inconsistent Temperatures and Leaking

If your pull-out faucet is giving you cool water when you want hot water, or consistently leaks, the cartridge in the handle is worn or clogged. This cartridge contains two valves that mix the hot and cold water together. Turn off the hot and cold water pipes. Remove the operating handle on the base of the faucet by taking out the screw with an Allen wrench. Then unscrew the retaining ring and replace the cartridge with a new one, or wash the cartridge to remove sediment. This restores the cartridge to like-new condition.