How to Adjust Velux

Timothea Xi

Now that you have installed your Velux windows and blinds, you will want to manage them, whether to do something as simple as opening or closing a particular window or setting a number of skylights to close automatically after a designated amount of time.

Use your Velux remote control to automatically close your skylight when you are away.

Use the KLR 100 remote control to adjust one or a group of Velux windows or electric products.

This assumes that you have already registered all the Velux products you wish to operate and are familiar with the basic functions of the remote control.

  1. Operate a skylight. If you only have one Velux product, you do not have to locate it on the remote control. Just press the central disc button to operate it. A short press up or down will bring the window to the maximum open or closed positions. A short press on the central circular button will stop the operation. A longer press on the stop button will cease all product operation. See Step 4 for incremental adjustments.

  2. Locate and rearrange the order of skylights. Depending on how many Velux products you have purchased and installed, you could have any number of combinations of electric products and skylights. Your remote control can take into account these variations and keep track of your inventory of Velux products. When you registered the products onto your remote, you categorized all your products and identified them by number. If you have more than one electric product, for example, a skylight operator and a roller shade (also known as a blind), and you want to locate the roller shade, press the rectangular up and down arrows on the remote to find the roller shade, which the remote will list as "Blind." Press the central disc-shaped key to start the blind. Likewise, if you have one electric product and multiple skylights, and you wish to locate a certain skylight--which the remote will list as "Window"--press the up and down arrows to find "No. 2 Window" or whichever window you wish to control and press the disc-shaped button to operate it. You can rearrange the order of the windows and call a window by any number you choose by going to Menu, then scrolling from "House Settings," to "Rearrange Windows" to "Product."

  3. Close a skylight automatically. Say you wish to have a particular window close automatically after 10 minutes. Locate the skylight using the remote control, pressing the up button on the central disc to open the desired window. You will see a broken circle accompanied by the text "Auto Close." Within five seconds, scroll up or down using the rectangular up and down keys to adjust the time until the window closes automatically. Once you have selected the time, in this case, 10 minutes, you will see an icon displaying the amount of time left before the window closes. You can preempt automatic closure by simply closing the window before the allotted time.

  4. Choose a position. You may only want your Velux product to be open part of the way, rather than fully. To close a roller shade to 50 percent, locate the shade in question and press and hold the down key on the central disc. You will see 10 percent black dot increments that you can adjust to change the amount of aperture of the given roller shade. Release the key at five black dots or 50 percent and the shade will travel to that increment level. Note: Venetian blinds and other decorative products also have a tilt and turn feature, where you can adjust the slats using the up/down Tilt or left/right Turn navigation keys.

  5. Tip

    Make sure the insect screen has been installed before using the Velux skylight. If the rain sensor detects rain or moisture, it could close the skylight automatically within 30 seconds, otherwise closing the skylight by remote control will take about one minute. During this time, rain could enter through the window. You also have the option of disabling the rain sensor, but this could result in rain entering the building.


    Keep children away from both the remote control and the opening of the skylight.

    Make sure the Velux product can be operated safely before using.

    Never place any part of the head or hands or other limbs out of or through a Velux skylight without first switching off the main power supply.