How to Build a Car Canopy

Kimberly Dyke

Building a temporary canopy for your car is a less expensive alternative to building or renting a more permanent storage facility. A car canopy protects your vehicle’s paint job from the harsh sun along with providing cover from the wind and rain.

It can also serve as an extra storage facility for items like lawn equipment and firewood. Purchase fabric with anti-fungal, anti-fade and UV protection to maintain your car canopy in good condition.

  1. Put all the construction materials out on the ground where you want to build the car canopy. Separate the tubing for the top frame from the tubing for the legs.

  2. Assemble the pieces of the top frame. The anchor washer of the connecting fittings needs to face the inside of the frame. The straight side of the connector piece needs to be parallel to the ground, and the curved section connects down to the garage leg and up to the peak of the roof.

  3. Lay the canopy fabric over the frame. Attach the bungee cords from the grommets on the fabric to the frame.

  4. Raise one side of the top frame and insert the garage frame legs into each connecting fitting. Repeat on the other side of the frame.

  5. Stake the car canopy to the ground at each frame leg.

  6. Warning

    Take down the car canopy in heavy winds.