Quick Shade Instant Canopy Instructions

Tara Kimball

The QuikShade Instant Canopy is an easy way to provide overhead cover in smaller areas during outdoor events. The canopy ships with a pre-assembled frame, saving substantial time and effort during setup. With self-leveling legs, the QuikShade canopy is a great option for uneven outdoor terrain. Setup can be done solo, but it is easier to complete with a helper.

Step 1

Set the QuikShade canopy frame in the center of the set-up area. Grasp the legs on one side while a partner grasps the legs on the opposite side. Working at the same time, pull out on the legs to spread the frame open as far as possible, an arm’s width at least. You may need to step backward carefully to allow room to open the frame.

Step 2

Spread the canopy over the top of the frame and secure each corner with the straps provided on the canopy. Each strap includes a hook and loop closure to hold it in place. Wrap the strap around the top of the leg on the frame. Press the closure firmly together to secure the canopy.

Step 3

Grab the poles in the center of the frame and push them up to straighten them. You will need to walk backward a few steps until the frame is fully opened.

Step 4

Hold the post in the corner with one hand while you slide the locking bar up until the locking pin pops into place. Repeat this process on the remaining four corners.

Step 5

Pull the additional straps down and secure them to the frame on the sides, if desired. Pull the stake rope tight and hammer the stake into the loop, working one corner at a time. Use the stakes to secure the canopy, especially in windy conditions.