Greatland Outdoors Sun Shelter Canopy Assembly Instructions

Evan Vars

Lightweight and portable, a Greatland Outdoors sun shelter canopy makes a great addition to your day at the beach, backyard barbeque or weekend camping trip. An affordable Target product, the 10 x 10-foot shelter blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays providing protection for your skin and a sanctuary from the heat or rain.

With clearly marked poles in color coded bags, you can assemble the Greatland sun shelter in just minutes making it a convenient shade structure for your outdoor activities.


Set up canopy on flat, even ground. Dry canopy before storage. Hand wash with mild soap.


Take down canopy when windy. Never use a flame underneath the canopy.

  1. Remove poles and canvas cover from carry bag. Organize poles and connecting hubs into groups according to the numbers on the poles. Poles numbered 1 are for the roof, 2 for the eaves and 3 for the legs.

  2. Insert a 1 pole on both sides of a 1-A pole. Do the same for the 2 and 2-A poles.

  3. Assemble the roof section first. Slot one end of the #1 poles into the “ridge hub” and the other ends into the “corner hubs.” Insert both ends of the #2 poles into the horizontal connectors on the corner hubs connecting all four corners. Attach the first leg poles, the #3 poles, to the corner hub.

  4. Slide shelter cover over the frame structure. Situate the shelter cover so the cover corners align with the frame’s corner hubs.

  5. Assemble the legs. Insert the #3-A poles into the numbered three poles and the #4 poles into the three-A poles. Put the “pole base” on the bottom of each leg.

  6. Attach the cover hooks at the bottom of the cloth legs to the base of the frame legs. Stake legs to the ground.

  7. Connect guy strings to the D-rings on the cover corners. Stake guy strings to the ground keeping a 45 degree angle.