How to Clean Your Driveway Without a Power Washer

Tina Amo

A clean driveway can improve curb appeal. A power washer may clean a driveway quickly but it requires a lot of water. Those who wish to reduce the amount of water they use can clean their driveway effectively with more conservative methods.

A clean driveway improves the appearance of a house.

It is best to clean a driveway at least once a month to maintain a pristine appearance and prevent any stains from damaging the surface.

  1. Remove any oil spills from vehicles previously parked in the driveway. The University of Michigan recommends using kitty litter to absorb the spill. Sprinkle the material on the spill from the perimeters to the middle. Allow enough time for the kitty litter to soak up the oil then sweep it up.

  2. Clear the driveway. Pull out any weeds growing between the slabs or cracks in the driveway. Use a broom and pan to sweep up the weeds, leaves, dirt and any other debris present.

  3. Remove stains. Mix a cup of dishwashing soap or laundry detergent with hot water. Pour some of the soapy mixture onto the stain and use the scrub brush to remove the stain. Repeat this step for stubborn stains. Consider using a commercial stain remover if the stains remain. Stain removers are corrosive so protect yourself with gloves and goggles and follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

  4. Rinse the driveway clean with a hose or a bucket of water. Let the surface air dry.