How to Keep Spiders Out of a Garden Shed

Heather Vecchioni

Often, spiders do not receive the memo that garden sheds are used to house gardening materials and not places in which to create their homes. Garden sheds are typically dark, dry and private, which many spiders find desirable when choosing where to set up their webs.

One way to prevent spiders from entering your shed is to keep it clean.

Many gardeners would prefer not to have potentially poisonous spiders from lurking around in their sheds. Fortunately, a few techniques are available to prevent spiders from entering your garden shed.

  1. Seal any gaps in the walls, doors or windows of the shed. Use caulk that can withstand the outdoor elements to seal small cracks or gaps. Use larger material, such as plywood, to nail over holes. Replace the doors or windows if they cannot be repaired.

  2. Avoid leaving your shed windows or doors open for long periods of time. Many gardeners will leave the door open while they are gardening; however, doing so gives the eight-legged creatures ample opportunity to come into the shed and stake their claim. Simply shut the door to the shed whenever you are not using it and the spiders won’t have as much of a chance to go inside.

  3. Keep your garden shed clean. Spiders often inhabit garden sheds because of their abundance of insects. Sweeping away any insects from the floors or walls of the shed will potentially keep the spiders away. In addition, push any objects inside the shed up close against the walls, which will leave less space for the spiders to hide and live.

  4. Sprinkle borax or baking soda on the floor of your shed, as well as around the windows and doors. The spiders will often eat the substances and die as a result.

  5. Create a preventative spray by adding five tbsp. of lavender or peppermint soap to a quart of water. Add five tbsp. of citrus oil to the liquid and pour it into a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to both the inside and outside of shed to prevent spiders from entering.

  6. Place chestnuts in the corners of the shed. Chestnuts are often effective in keeping spiders away. Also place the chestnuts in windowsills.

  7. Tip

    Keep the outside of the shed free of excess vegetation, such as fire wood or piles of leaves. Spiders often hide in such vegetation.

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