How to Keep People From Bumping Into Glass Doors

Kathryn Hatter

The embarrassment of walking into a glass door can be extreme, especially if it occurs in front of other people. In addition to the embarrassment, people may even suffer injury because of walking into a glass door they did not see. Keep people from bumping into glass doors with simple decals that indicate the glass.

Make sure people see a glass door.

This can be especially helpful at night when glass may not be easy to notice.

  1. Spray the glass door evenly with glass cleaner on the side you will place the decal. Wipe the glass well with the paper towel to clean the glass. Continue wiping until you remove any streaks and all moisture.

  2. Remove the vinyl decal from its paper backing, if necessary.

  3. Choose the best spot for the decal. Eye level is ideal so that people immediately see it as they approach the door. People’s heights vary, so placing the decal between 5 and 5 1/2 feet from the floor should make the decal noticeable for most adults. If children use the door, between 4 and 5 feet makes more sense for your situation.

  4. Place the decal onto the glass and smooth it on from the center out toward the edges with your fingertips to remove air bubbles.

  5. Peel off the decal and replace it as necessary. The vinyl decal easily moves.

  6. Tip

    It does not matter which side of the door you apply the vinyl decal to; people will see it through the glass on both sides of the door. Remove the vinyl decal to wash the glass, then replace it after you finish. Apply the decals before a party or event when you expect guests. Daily life with only family present in your home probably does not necessitate the decal on your glass door.