How to Get Rid of Mildew & Mold on Picture Frames

Tara Dooley

If you have recently discovered some old frames in an attic or at a garage sale, your first step is to clean them up and get them ready for use. If mold or mildew has developed on the frames, the cleaning will need to be a little more in-depth than you would do for simple dust and grime.

Clean old frames with a bleach solution to remove mold.
  1. Mix up a solution of 2 parts bleach and 8 parts water in a container. The amounts needed will depend on how big the frame is. You don't want to use more than 2 parts bleach, or you might alter the color of the frame.

  2. Pour the solution into a pan that will allow you to dip each side of the frame in.

  3. Dip one side of the frame in the solution and let it sit there for five minutes.

  4. Remove the frame from the solution and scrub the mold and mildew areas with a toothbrush to get rid of the surface mold.

  5. Dip the second side in the solution and repeat the cleaning process. Do this with the remaining two sides as well.

  6. Rinse the frame with plain water to remove the solution after you are done cleaning. Allow it to dry before framing a picture.