Where Can I Take Kerosene to Be Recycled?

Annabella Gualdoni

Kerosene is flammable and toxic, and like all fuel oils it is a hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of properly. Some municipal recycling centers recycle it by blending it with other fuels for industrial purposes, but most simply dispose of it safely.

Kerosene is used in old-fashioned lamps and for other household purposes.

City or County Disposal Sites

Most municipalities have household hazardous-waste collection sites. Some collect waste throughout the week while others schedule special waste-collection events. Local recycling centers are listed on city and county websites, in the government listings pages of the phone book or can be found through an online search. The website for each individual collection site will explain whether or not that facility recycles or disposes of kerosene. Most facilities require personal identification and restrict drop-offs to local residents.

Disposal Companies

Businesses with a large amount of waste and people who cannot transport kerosene themselves can hire a waste disposal company. The company should have a permit to transport hazardous waste to a disposal facility. Some local government websites list regional disposal companies.

Seniors and Disabled People

Senior citizens and people with disabilities may qualify for a free home pick up in some communities. They should contact their local hazardous waste facility to see if there is an available home collection program.

Guidelines for Disposal

Kerosene should be separated and not mixed with any other hazardous products. If possible, it should be transported in its original container and sealed to prevent any leaks.